Sunday, 24 May 2009

What sort of example are you giving, Gordon?

Another young black boy lies cold in the mortuary today as we enjoy the sunshine. At 17, he was on the cusp of getting his franchise; he may perhaps even have voted at the next general election. We don't have to wait for the prosecution of the murderer of Jahmal Mason-Blair to know why he was killed; he lived in a culture of drugs and gang-turf and bling, a culture of material possessions and instant gratification in which young boys are wounded with knives for trainers or a mobile phone.

And the good, the socially responsible and the concerned amongst us have sought to counter this by-product of consumerism in our daily lives in the classroom, or on the pages of a blog, or from the pulpit, or by talking to our children. Our message is simple;
honesty and hard work bring greater rewards in the long run, criminals get caught and pay the price, virtue is not only its own reward but brings respect and status. Keep on the straight and narrow path, work hard at school and the world's your oyster.

And this in part explains the anger against thieving and corrupt MPs. You are supposed to be the best amongst us, role models for our young, who epitomise those moral lessons we disseminate. What the Hell hope have we of being heard when you are so mired in filth and corruption?

Cameron at least is fighting back by sacking the most venal of his MPs. But what message is Brown sending to every hard working and upright parent in Britain by retaining not only in his Parliamentary party but in his cabinet for God's sake a cabal of thieves, liars, cheats and peculators? Every day that these criminal scum retain their ministerial portfolios is another slap in the face to every decent, honest and upright citizen of this realm.

Gordon, you have betrayed us all. Hoon, Blears, Smith and Purnell are sending a clear message to the teenage drug dealers, robbers, muggers and murderers on our streets - that greed is good, that bling is the thing, and that you
can get away with crime.

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