Sunday, 7 June 2009

Are you listening now, Gordon?

From Brown's acceptance speech in 2007;
"To those who feel the political system doesn’t listen and doesn’t care; to those who feel powerless and have lost faith; to those who feel Westminster is a distant place and politics simply a spectator sport: I will strive to earn your trust. To earn your trust not just in foreign policy but earn your trust in our schools, in our hospitals, in our public services, and to respond to your concerns. And by listening and learning, I want to become a voice for communities far beyond"
From the BBC's highly moderated 'Have Your Say' board, the top most recommended posts:
  1. "Resign, call an election, and we might be able to salvage this country from the pit that labour has brought it into!"[434 votes]
  2. "Labour are very arrogant if they think they'll get my vote by changing their leader. They need to change their policies - something which they adamently refuse to do. They patronise us by saying that they need to work harder to get their policies across, or that we don't appreciate the benefits. We have been saying for 10 years that we don't want mass immigration, or multiculturalism, yet the policy, dishonesty, bullying & patronising continues. Which part of the word NO don't they understand?" [387 votes]
  3. "What now for Labour? They should do the decent thing and call an election, it obvious that this shambles can't be allowed to continue. For the first time in their careers they should put the interests of the country before their own selfish interests. I won't hold my breath."[321 votes]
  4. "General election. Then prison for the corrupt"[309 votes]
  5. "Brown must go and a general election called. Wake up Mr Brown its OVER."[287 votes]
  6. "The only honourable course of action would be a general election and then the people can decide if they want Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. For Labour to impose yet another Prime Minister on this country by having a leadership election,and no general election would be undemocratic."[255 votes]
  7. "They could take the cotton wool out of their ears and stick it in their mouths. You are in "office"; not "power". The UK is nominally a democracy. Govt's job is to give the electorate the policies it wants, not tell the electorate the policies it's going to get and then bring in censorship & bullying laws to force the electorate to comply. I danced with joy when Blair won in '97 but NuLabour have made Britain a hateful, miserable, depressing place to live: no longer the wonderful country I knew."[247 votes]

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captainff said...

Do you think we're likely to get a general election after Labour got slaughtered in the Locals and are looking like taking a hammering in the Euros?

As one of my customers said yesterday Gordon will drag the door jambs off of Downing Street as the doctors haul him out