Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bercow makes me boil

The prospect of John Bercow, a politician even more oleaginous than Ben Brogan, as Speaker shows that many MPs have learned nothing from recent events. An immodest man of modest abilities, Bercow will do little to convince the public of a new mood of selflessness and altruism in the House; a Labour block vote largely calculated to spite the Tories rather than to provide the House with a Speaker of ability and probity will be seen by the public for the sleazy gesture it is.

Labour's insult to the British people in imposing this narrow partisan Speaker on us will not be forgotten.

For whatever reason at half five this morning I wrote Ben Brogan. Students of political lubricity will have realised of course that I meant Ben Bradshaw. My utter apologies to Ben Brogan, who is not in the least oleaginous.


Scrobs... said...

Wiki says: -

"Bercow has consistently been one of the most expensive members of the House of Commons, in terms of claims on the additional costs allowance.

In the financial years 2007-8, 2006-7, 2004-5 and 2002-3 he had the distinction of occupying joint first position in a league table of most expensive members of the House of Commons, while in 2003-4 he was the joint third most expensive Member [12].

Does this position require this sort of bloke?

wonderfulforhisage said...

But what if the alternative is the Beckett woman?

Anonymous said...

Surely the imposition of Gorbals Mick was bad enough - there is normally a gentlemens' agreement that the Speaker should alternate between the two main parties.

We have already had one Labour speaker imposed out of turn by the scoundrels who run our affairs; it is too much if they do it again.

Did I say gentlemens' agreement? Well we know we are not dealing with gentlemen any more, don't we.

Time to dig out those tumbrels and get knitting.

These bastards have to be stopped.

Blue Eyes said...

The Socialists don't give a monkey's about parliamentary process. Have you only just noticed?

Anonymous said...

Raedwald, when I see who is putting themselves up for the position as Speaker, I despair.

Beckett, Widdecombe, Bercow. Let's face it, there isn't a single honourable politician in the House that could, credibly, undertake the reform that is required.

Umbongo said...

Whoever is appointed, the appointment should be as a "caretaker" until after the next general election - then a permanent speaker could be voted in.

As to Bercow: if the local Conservative Party in Buckingham had any cojones (no, strike that, cojones and common sense) they'd deselect him and select . . well, a Conservative would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

In America, their politicians are very patriotic, and during elections, do all they can to convince the voter of how much they love America. In this country the political establishment really hate this country. The more ridicule you heap on British institutions and traditions, the more successful you are in politics. Sad days!

Yokel said...

It was having Bercow for my constituency MP that got me started blogging. So full of himself. So much the career politician.

I also remember the phase when he was about to cross the floor to Labour. I would call him a traitor, but he clearly doesn't know what the Conservative Party should be all about, and he doesn't know about loyalty except to himself.

If he gets himself elected Speaker by this corrupt house, then I definitely think there should be a break with the tradition that Mr Speaker stands unopposed.

idle said...

His full name is Ben Dover-Bradshaw. Now he is a Cabinet Minister, we should give him the full moniker.

The good folk of Exeter will retire him in a year, in any event.