Monday, 1 June 2009

Brown refuses again to put country before party

Gordon Brown's TV performance yesterday, whether assisted by medication or not, was the same old same old Brown; passionless, flat and as inspiring as the contents of a Soviet supermarket. There is seemingly nothing that will compel him to put the interests of the country ahead of the desperate clinging to power of a dying Labour party.

And at a time when big-bang localism is starting to seize the national imagination, Brown can offer only the same old centrist State institutions as an answer. Even his language is taking on the jargon of the politburo hack; he doesn't seem to realise it, but we already have a 'National Democratic Council'. It's called Parliament. And it's failed. It's rotten. What we need is an election.

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blind steve said...

I rather got the impression that he also refused to put party before Gordon, which is likely to hasten a well deserved night of the long knives type scenario, but then I didn't watch it because I can't stand him or Marr.