Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brown's attempts to castrate Parliament will fail

The socialist vision of an all-powerful central State making decisions about the lives of its citizens 'for their own good', rationing their wealth and regulating their advantages to achieve a dreary mediocrity in the name of a spurious notion of equality has no place for an independent Legislature. The job of Parliament under the socialists is to do what the State decrees. The first step towards this is to tear the gonads from the bodies of our MPs.

I have long railed against the idea of 'professional' politicians, cuckoos who foul our democratic nest. From acne-scarred sixth form debater to Uni Ents officer to political researcher to MP, all without having done a single useful stroke of work in their lives. They are anathema. Yet they are exactly the noisome amoeba with which Gordon Brown would fill our Parliament. Benedict Brogan terms them 'call centre workers' in this morning's Telegraph; I can think of more robust descriptions.

Brown's autistic policy furrow will brook no reasoned debate, no concession to the common interest; it is a destructive and malign line direct to the perdition of a Statist socialist 'democracy'. However, I am confident that he will fail.

An MP practising as a solicitor brings to the House the hell of the Uxbridge Magistrate's Court and the failure of the Justice department; a practising barrister likewise a useful perspective from the higher courts. A consultant who finishes his list by lunchtime and spends the afternoon and evening in the House brings the reality of the NHS to the bars and tearooms as well as to the chamber. A joiner, a surveyor, a smith, a journalist even all bring cogent and current perspectives to the business of the Commons, and those who run businesses and enterprises are a standing reminder to the House of the wealth-generation that underpins the very fabric of our nation. Yet Brown would clear them all from the House, to replace them with insipid, obtuse, inexperienced polidreks responsive only to the whistle of the Party. He would abolish the Citizen MP in favour of the obedient apparatchik. But I am confident that he will fail.

For as long as there remain in our cities and shires man and women of independent mein who are prepared at risk to their own well being, at risk to their privacy, and with the support of their families and communities, to stand for Parliament, Brown will fail.

Becoming an MP should not be easy, and should not be without sacrifice. If it were so, we would attract the basest and most pliable rather than the best amongst us. And I believe there to be sufficient men and women of strength, fortitude, tenacity and courage in this realm to deserve our votes and take their places in Parliament to our credit and to Brown's discredit. The Gordon Browns of this world cannot supress the indomitable will of the English peoples for their freedom and democracy.


Anonymous said...

Your posts of late have been uncommonly good - forceful, persuasive, articulate and eloquent to a degree that should embarrass the stuttering mutterers in Parliament.

Keep it up, R.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you're right.

But I fear you may be wrong.