Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cameron holds nearly 50% of English Council seats

My figures may be a smidgin out - based on Friday's changes from the 2008 totals from IDEA's census of councillors - but I make the new overall party standing as follows;

Conservative - 9,669 - 49.7%
Lib Dem - 4,311 - 22.2%
Labour - 3,928 - 20.2%
Green - 150
Independent - 1,149
Other - 231
TOTAL - 19,438 councillors

Labour councillors in the Metropolitans and London boroughs must be hoping that Brown will cause an election before May 2010; if the public mood is allowed to fester until then, it will be wipe-out time in Labour's local heartlands. An early general election may just save local Labour councillors in a year's time.


Anonymous said...

Poor Labour MP's. they are like a friend who's having a mild breakup.
"You should leave him"
"I can't..where would I go...and the children.."
"What about your mother's"
I can't go to my mother's.That little flat..only one room"
"What about your sister?"
"her husband doesn't like me. And she lives so far, and my work is here"
"Well you could stay with your husband, see if it gets better?"
"No.No. He's a bully . I can't stay"

"Well do what you want then..what do I care!"

Blue Eyes said...

R - I had been wondering about the total number of seats so thanks for doing the research.

In the seats contested on Thursday Labour lost more than half of the ones it held! Incredible!

AProlefrom1984 said...

I've never supported an early election for this reason. I want Brown to hang on till next year. Michael Brown of the Indie has calculated that the longer Labour hangs on, the more seats it loses. I'd like to see no Labour MPs after the next election.