Friday, 19 June 2009

I'm grateful to Gordon Brown

I'm grateful to Gordon Brown for pointing out that the abortion of redacted expenses information was part of the old system, which was nothing to do with him, oh no, it was all a complete surprise, and it was a big boy that scribbled all over his own receipts with a black marker and ran away, and that he was personally reforming the Commons by bringing in a brand new system with total transparency.

It's just a shame this is all nothing more than just another autistic Brown lie.

It is scarcely credible that Brown, through the Leader of the House, has not been orchestrating the rear guard battle against disclosure; the discredited and dismissed Speaker's risible legal battles, time given and support given to Maclean's shabby little bill, the grudging and petulant compliance with an order of the High Court for disclosure, the obstructive redaction of the mass of useful information all bear the stamp of Gordon's clumsy and ragged-ended fist.

His attempts at dissociating himself totally from the mess are inane. Does he have an inkling how absurd he sounds saying, as he did in Brussels;
"The redacted expenses were part of the old system. That cannot be the new system. The old system is being swept aside by the changes that we are making. A new, far more transparent system is being introduced. While ensuring that security issues are addressed, as they have to be, our first concern must be maximum transparency."
Brown's detachment from reality is now complete.


Anonymous said...

The guy is a complete and utter lying toss-pot. Always has been, always will be.

lilith said...

Quite, but I don't think it is an "autistic" Brown lie, but a Sociopathic one. Autistics don't tend to lie. A sociopath is likely to believe everything he says is true, simply because he has said it.

Nick Drew said...

don't start me, Lil ...