Sunday, 14 June 2009

Kinnocks the Kings of the Troughers

The old Welsh windbag's loquacious and seemingly interminable 'few words' in support of Gordon last week at the meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party was the barking of a faithful dog at its master. The Kinnocks know which side their bread is buttered, as the Sunday Times reveals today. Six taxpayer funded pensions between them worth £185k a year, £7.7m in EU expenses, and a minister's salary for her and Lord's troughing for him will see them out nicely, thank you.

Kinnock mentioned recently that the one thing that really hurt him was the Sun's front page at the election in which he led the Labour Party to abject defeat. So here it is, Neil. Enjoy.


talwin said...

Newspaper reviewer on BBC TV news early this morning talks about the Kinnocks' six pensions. Newsbod starts to shit bricks and as soon as possible says 'Yes, but I want to move on to nettles'. An item about a stinging nettle competition! FFS!!

Nice to see where NuLab's BBC priorities lie.

Often said, but no less true for that; you couldn't make it up.

patently said...

£185k a year, £7.7m in EU expenses

Not bad for someone so comprehensively and repeatedly rejected by the electorate.