Wednesday, 10 June 2009

National Democratic Renewal Politburo Sub-Committee

Gordon announced the membership of his National Democratic Renewal Politburo Sub-Committee yesterday; Jack Straw, Harriet Harman, Lord Mandelson, Alistair Darling, David Miliband, Alan Johnson, Hilary Benn, Douglas Alexander, John Denham, Shaun Woodward, Baroness Royall, Jim Murphy, Peter Hain, Michael Wills, Nick Brown and Steve Bassam.

Not that they will have to meet too long or too often to come up with the two recommendations that will already have been agreed:

1. To manipulate the voting system to the advantage of the Labour Party
2. To agree State funding for, er, the Labour Party.

Now of course if the government were to establish a genuine advisory team on constitutional reform, it would no doubt include Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, the national political funding expert, Helena Kennedy, who chaired the Power Commission, the LSE's Tony Travers, Antony King, David Butler and Ivor Crewe all also from academe, Simon Jenkins, now running the National Trust but a Localism expert, plus UCL's Robert Hazell. The LGA would also contribute a member. Political members from both the Lords and Commons - and I'd personally like to see Eric Pickles included - chosen on the basis of their experience and wisdom, rather than sycophancy and tribal loyalty. Such an advisory team might well come up with a framework worth having a referendum on.

Absent any of the above as standing members, Gordon's team has about as much credibility as a snake-oil salesman at a pharmaceutical convention.


Blue Eyes said...

Elections are bad for stability. Abolish them and install King Gordon permanently.

talwin said...

Unless I missed it somewhere, there was never a call from the public for 'democratic renewal' (although I suppose you could shoe-horn the Lib-Dems' aspirations somewhere in there), still less a Democratic Renewal Sub-Committee.

Rather I think we would be reasonably content with MPs who at least recognised the notion of 'service', were less in it for themselves (in whatever form), and a competent, democratic government, governing for the benfit of the people, with as little intervention as possible.

I suppose, though, it could be that Brown's characteristic, posturing, knee-jerk sub-committee is easier to establish than the above.

But if he tries to present it as some antidote to the expenses fiasco he'll be on to a loser.

Bill Quango MP said...

How I despise him now. For his naked transparency as much as anything.
DC pointed out that "Even Labour's old hands have to read out prepared whips statements today" at PMQs.
Kaufman no doubt forced into reading the drivel to ease his expenses claims worries.

What is so appalling about Brown is he isn't even a very good politician. He has to lie and intimidate and misrepresent. That is his job. But his ulterior motives are so obvious they may as well form part of the title of any project he attempts.

He has the double misfortune of 1}following a world expert political manipulator.
2}being utterly crap.