Sunday, 7 June 2009

Rather a stupid PM than a mad one

It was le Carré I think who wrote of a successful con-artist character in one of his novels that 'reality was whatever he believed it to be'. Whilst the capacity for convincing self-delusion may be an essential quality in a con-man, or a spy, it is perhaps less so for a Prime Minister. All politicians lie, of course, but few lie with the fatuity with which Gordon Brown does.

It was a source of universal amusement when he categorically denied calling off the election at the end of 2007 because he was scared of losing. And on Friday, when he categorically denied he had wanted Balls in the Treasury, the clumsy lie was again universally recognised. Blair of course would have diverted both questions with humour and the smug self-deprecation he was so good at before the camera. That Gordon Brown doesn't have the intellectual equipment to do the same, that his thought-processes are clumsy and slow-witted, may be one explanation as to why he retreats so quickly to risible lies. But an alternative possibility is that Brown is so self-deluded that he actually mistakes the lies he tells for truth, and this is profoundly concerning. I'd rather have a stupid PM in Number Ten than a mad one.


Anonymous said...

As it happens, there was a study into autism some time ago (buggered if I can find it now despite googling furiously) which showed that autistics have a tendency to rewrite history and their part in it so as to maintain their own internal fictions.

Example: you ask an autistic to choose between two boxes, one of which contains a prize and one of which contains some excrement. Clearly the autistic wants the prize but, whichever box he picks, he will usually insist that its contents were what he really wanted.

Essentially, other children very quickly develop the ability to differentiate between what they want and what they have, between what is real and what they wish was real; the autistic, however, either never develops this or develops only significantly later than other children and to an imperfect degree.

It isn't impossible, if Broon really does suffer from some Autistic Spectrum Disorder, that he is simply not capable of recognising that he tried to push Darling out.

Nick Drew said...

We ran a thread on this here, last year Anon, and Guido has done some flippant stuff on it too. You'll see my opening surmise if you follow the link - not dissimilar to your own.

Technical opinion however seems to be that ASD sufferers are incapable of devising and maintaining systematic lies, and that he is more likely to be a Sociopath or suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder

... oh, and megalomania, of course

whatever it is, (a) this is by no means of merely prurient or academic interest: we are all suffering as a consequence, day by day; and (b) horror of horrors, as Matthew Parris has said - Brown's condition has been obvious for 20 years and it's stable !

Anonymous said...


That's exactly what I was talking about. Cheers, mate!

Bill Quango MP said...

I'd rather have a stupid PM in Number Ten than a mad one.


Budgie said...

I should have realised it with the 10p tax fiasco. McDebt introduced the 10p rate as though he was the little boy proudly displaying the plum; then he got rid of it with exactly the same attitude.