Monday, 22 June 2009

Reminder - last day to respond to fat cat pay regulations

The DCLG consultation on the disclosure of fat cat pay details closes today - so if you haven't, please email a response. Blogged about previously HERE. You may consider the following;

  • Support fully the disclosure of all the reward elements listed at the level of detail proposed
  • Would support extent of reporting at Chief and first-tier officer levels, and would encourage government to widen this to include any permanent or contract staff earning over £100,000 at 2009 / 2010 value (i.e. fully identified and full details given)
  • Support fully anonymous banding of other staff earning over £50k in £5k bands subject to above (i.e. anonymous reporting from £50k to £100k)
  • Would include a full disclosure of expenses in the higher band disclosure
  • Would encourage an extension of the requirement to all quangos and NDPBs.

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