Monday, 15 June 2009

They're electing OUR Speaker

The Speaker has official precedence as the 'first commoner of the nation'. He takes his chair in the name of every elector in Britain; conservatives, socialists, greens, liberals and libertarians, communists and fascists and every shade of belief in between. The need for the Speaker to put aside their personal political opinions and conduct the business of the House with equity and probity, to serve and not to govern, and to remember that the office, and not its holder, is the thing is paramount. Michael Martin never managed it.

MPs are all on probation right now. Dirty dogs who must prove they can behave. If they give us a new Speaker out of spite, or partisan plotting, rather than from the highest motives and a desire to demonstrate that they can act responsibly and in the best interests of the people, they will draw the fury of the nation upon their corrupt heads.

This election will prove the mettle of the House.

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