Tuesday, 30 June 2009

What a dog's breakfast of a 'policy document'

Gordon's latest relaunch yesterday has been billed as Labour's election manifesto in all but name; if so, what a dead, dull, uninspired, tired dog's breakfast it is. Every desperate little policy scraped up from the cutting-room floor, every gimmick, every uncosted promise, all capped with yet another slogan that the BNP will throw back in Brown's face - 'British homes for British workers' - made up a desperate mish-mash of failure.

No change to the suffocating Statism, the Leviathan Labour State, the ever-powerful central State. No change to Brown's Rousseau-esque dream of a direct relationship between the central State and each individual, to the exclusion on intermediate institutions, neighbourhood, communities and even families. No change to the cloying micro-management of every aspect of every individual's life. No change to the repressive surveillance and security State. No change from a decade of failed lunatic social engineering experiments. No change from a decade that has wasted our national wealth, our national savings, our national earnings and has crippled our economic strength.

No change.

That was Gordon's message yesterday; just more of the same. If this is Labour's manifesto, it was the best-spun launch of a political death warrant I have ever seen.


Letters From A Tory said...

I agree, if this was their draft manifesto then they really have run out of ideas - albeit a year early.

The Conservatives will be very happy with what they read / what was leaked yesterday.

Henry Crun said...

Ah, but the party opposite will cut spending by 10%.

If I'm ever within earshot of any MP spouting the latest ZaNuLab mantra, he's going to get a right punch in the gob.

Elby the Beserk said...


Looks as tho' the Minister for The Lowest Common Denominator has put the kibosh on "local homes for local people" already.

Hoist by their own Harman.

Ha aha ahahahahah hhhhhaaaa!