Friday, 5 June 2009

The witches of Westminster

What can one say?


Budgie said...

Caroline Flint reportedly wrote about Labour's "monumental" (it's that word "mental" again) achievements. Apart from monumental national debt I cannot see what she may be deluding herself about.

The economy? Civil liberties? Pensions? The Lisbon treaty non-vote? The FSA? Gold sales? ID cards/database? The NHS spine? The administration of law? Education? 650,000 NHS bureaucrats? Military procurement? Wars under false pretences? Giving yet more money to the EU? Relaxing the MP troughing rules? Good days to announce bad news? Aging power stations? Windmill follies? Printing money? Boom and bust? Health'n'safety? Hundreds of new ways to criminalise everyone? Millions of new immigrants? Crumbling roads? Swathes of EU laws which bypass the H of C?

Bill Quango MP said...

Nice snap.
Gord's Clothes Show.

Smiffy clearly shops at New Look. The 'interview suit' range. A cut price version of NEXT's trouser suit for 20 somethings. Designed for minimal use, she has worn the trousers and left the button done up on the jacket {to hide the belly}too often. The folds of the belly have created creases above the pocket lines that will just make her look fat. The yellow {saffron rib I believe} top isn't really her colour. With that big red face. A bit more brown, or grey, in the colour would take some of the supernova effect away from the vest top.

Oh dear. Someone's been to Scope and found an old British Midland stewardess outfit. Shame the little silver wings are missing. Not much can be said.. for fancy dress its fine, for work..its a no!.

Now Flint-off has made an effort. Very stylish copy of a Ghost overcoat. Maybe a Coast or a TK Maxx Miss 60's. She is nearing 50, but could credibly pass for 40 in a nightclub.

Tomorrow Gord's fashion show will be reviewing..
Well, it all depends who quits in the morning.

Rob Farrington said...

Say what you like about Caroline Flint; I'd still let her walk over me with spiked high heels.

Do I need professional help?

Henry Crun said...

Rob, I fear you do. Wouldn't let any socialist bitch near me.