Monday, 13 July 2009

Every soldier matters

Gordon Brown had hoped that if the level of attrition of our forces in Afghanistan remained at low background level, he would not be called upon to explain why we are there and what we are trying to do. He hoped he would not be called-out on starving the army of resources whilst throwing our tax earnings at lunatic Labour schemes. The cluster of casualties over the weekend have changed all that.

I don't propose to go over ground better covered by Richard North on his Defence blog, but if Gordon Brown is telling the truth (which will be something of a novelty) in explaining that we are there to destroy Jihadist training camps and therefore prevent trained Jihadists from attacking us here in the UK, one has to wonder if there are not more effective ways of doing so. Can't ground-attack aircraft, artillery or missiles usefully destroy training camps? Why are infantry the preferred solution? And wouldn't more effective border controls that prevented Jihadists entering the country be a good idea?

We must keep digging at this one. At last, it's on the national agenda. Let's keep it there.

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Anonymous said...

At Richard North's excellent blog, I have pointed out, that if the stated objective is to so disable the Taleban, so that they are unable to launch operations in the UK, then why is it that we allow in tens of thousands of them into the UK.