Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Kensington Statists must be defeated

I've written before on the politics of highways (Zebras are Tory, Pelicans are Labour) and make no apology for returning to this subject. My local government hero is Daniel Moylan, Conservative former deputy leader of Chelsea and Kensington Council. Daniel cleared Kensington High Street of all the repressive torture-apparatus of the inefficient State; the lights that command, the cattle-pen barriers, the rigid class distinctions, the myriad of State orders, instructions and peremptory signs that disfigured our streetscape, and has given us a highways space that is safer and faster for all its users. It is a triumph of Toryism; in place of the State telling everyone what to do, Daniel left it to the free market and for users to negotiate directly with eachother over the goods, in this case highway-space. Then he did it again in Sloane Square, and again in museumland in South Ken. Yes, it's safer. And it's faster. Even for people driving 4x4s.

Simon Jenkins writes in tonight's Standard why Daniel's pioneering road revolution should be repeated in the area around Harrods. An influential group of Kensington Statists is working hard to preserve the Socialist inefficiencies and high casuality rates together with low speeds and very high costs that the Statist highways system entails. They must not be allowed to succeed. If necessary, Boris must throw in the entire weight of the Mayorality to tear down the entrenched Marxists and their miserable fortress command highways economy, and open Harrods up to the glories of Tory free-market road efficiencies.


Elby The Beserk said...

After years of voting Labour, halted in its tracks by the Bastard Blair and Iraq, I am now of the opinion that the shooting of socialists should be regarded as a civil offence, with a maximum fine of £10 to be imposed.

For country dwellers, hunting them on horseback will be made legal, with a £10 bounty for every head brought home.

Christ in a bicycle, they are a bunch of festering arseholes, for sure.

banned said...

Sounds like a good scheme, didn't Barnet decide to do away with speed humps a while back ? What happened there ?

Budgie said...

Socialism begets evil because it puts all power into the hands of a few ideologues.