Friday, 24 July 2009

Kirkbride Sleaze

Perhaps Julie Kirkbride has realised that she is unemployable outside Westminster, or perhaps there is no other occupation that pays half as well for someone of her talents, but in an abrupt about face this most corrupt MP who previously rightly announced her resignation is trying to crawl back into Parliament.

The thread on which she's hanging her hopes is that she was told 10,000 constituents had signed a petition calling for her to go, but they'd counted the signatures and there were only 3,300.

That's a bit like your wife asking to be forgiven for adultery with your regiment on the grounds that she was only unfaithful with the first battalion.

Perhaps the realisation is dawning amongst these troughers how hard ordinary people have to work to make a life for themselves and their families. If her local Conservative Association is mad enough to retain her, I hope the voters of Bromsgrove are intelligent enough to kick her out.

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Anonymous said...

Cameron needs to stamp on this fast, otherwise he is leaving himself open to obvious attacks.

Mandelbum must be rubbing his hands with glee.