Friday, 31 July 2009

New ID card could trigger terrorist bombs

Spyblog is one of the heroes of the blogosphere. Patient, painstaking research that's vital to keeping an eye on the Statist bastards. And without sensational headlines.

So the fault is all mine in quoting from Spyblog's latest post on the unveiling of the UK ID card; and news that the RFID signature identifying the carrier as a British citizen can be read at some distance by 'illegal' radio equipment - enough to trigger a hidden bomb when a card-carrying Brit is within range.

Any takers now?


Budgie said...

The government steals your identity then deigns to rent it back to you, provided you keep their ideology. That is what an ID card is.

Fausty said...

Yes, it can be read by anyone with a reader. The government has chosen to use the spec with the lowest security, because it can be read from a greater distance.

On my blog, you'll find videos of Katherine Albrecht, the author of Spychips. Highly recommended viewing. She has done painstaking research into the subject of RFID.

Also see her latest videos.

I wish people would take these things more seriously. Many are so cocooned in their happy little worlds, that they cannot see the dangers lurking.