Monday, 20 July 2009

Purnell and Cruddas: dogs fighting over the bones

The Guardian this morning carries contrasting pieces by James Purnell, a corrupt former minister, and John Cruddas, another corrupt Labour MP and unreconstructed Socialist.

At a time when the most recent ComRes poll puts Labour at 23% against the LibDems's 22%, both Purnell and Cruddas agree on many things; both love the Leviathan of the central State, both support its interference in our economic, social, intellectual and political lives, both believe in equality of result, a forced equality of wealth, status or class, and both believe that its fine to restrict or curtail personal freedoms for the sake of Socialist ideology. Unfortunately for them both, the British public no longer believes in any of these things. Like dogs fighting over bones bare of meat, they've lost touch completely with the national zeitgeist.

As the Labour Party continues its inexorable march towards becoming a regional rump party of the North East and North West, the truth continues to elude the Purnells and Crudasses of their world - that the Labour Party doesn't have a monopoly on social concern, that all political parties are frustrated and angry at the scale of want, ignorance, disease, squalor and idleness. The country has seen Labour's solutions over the past twelve years; they have cost us a trillion in money and we have gone backwards. People aren't stupid. If either Purnell or Cruddas think they'll vote for more of the same, they are more deluded than I imagined it possible to be.


Anonymous said...

Do you see any evidence whatever that Dave's conservatives have any less belief in the Leviathan state?

Economic reality might force down public spending or perhaps hold it check for while. There will however be no real change in direction for the foreseeable future. Oh there's be some "cuts" - and there'll be trouble from the left ("The Battle of Orgreave" will look like a teddy bears picnic compared to what's coming down the pike). But the state will continue to grow, becoming more pervasive and invasive as modern technology permits... at least for a while, till the greens put an end to industrialisation.

banned said...

Would you urinate on these two rats fighting in the burning sack of Labour ?

Roger Thornhill said...


Not even if they were on fire. If the sack were on fire I might...if I needed the sack.

Anonymous said...

All thinking people would agree with this post.

One must remember, though, that "thought is difficult and a minute is a long time", as the fellow said.

Many many people do not think, but their votes are as good as yours or mine.

The longer the recession is off the front pages the more I begin to fear that Broon might pull it off. He's got nearly a year, Mandelson is pulling the strings, Cameron can be relied on not to do anything too principled or startling, and actually the situation is not beyond recovery for Labour, especially given the skewed arithmetic of our electoral system. If nothing happens to frighten the horses in the next eight months or so...

Be afraid.