Saturday, 8 August 2009

ACPO chiefs should be jailed

The senior police officers who run the sinister and shadowy ACPO, a malignant mafia that casts the blight of a Stasi State on us all, belong in jail for contempt of court.

ACPO have advised all police forces not to start destroying DNA samples when they have been required to do so by the ECHR. Their advice is in contempt of that court's judgement.

If we allow policemen even once to defy the orders of the court, even a European court, without retribution then we will have lost one of our most fundamental securities.

It is time that the capi of this repressive gang were arrested, handcuffed and sent to reflect in the cells on the consequences of trying to usurp democratic civil authority.


Anonymous said...

The case of Colin Port - Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset is a model for this sort of carry on.

Leather aproned chums in the legal system collude in the abuse of justice right up to the wire so to speak.

A civilian would've been thrown in clink and had a hefty legal bill in addition to a fine.

Port broke the law and the taxpayers of Avon & Somerset got to pick up m'learned friends hefty bills.

And the arse is still in post.

electro-kevin said...

ECHR democratic ?

The EU ???

A coterie of politicians rejected by their own people and yet afforded safe, powerful and unbelievably well remunerated sinecure in an organisation which is against the will of the majority.

I agree that ACPO are above themselves. There are people who need banging up more urgently though.

Elby the Beserk said...

ACPO is also privately incorporated, so immune to FoI requests. They should be shut down on the spot - I do not like at all that our police force is run by a private company. No, do I not like that...

Dick Puddlecote said...

Indeed. Rule of law for all except the police? Now that's a novelty.

If they were equally interpretive with some of the overarching Labour legislation in the past 12 years which has blighted the law-abiding, they might have more sympathy from me.

They made the bed.

Anonymous said...

ACPO is funded by the Home Office and Police Authorities from our taxes, staffed by serving Police Officers and yet we're not allowed to know what they're doing with our money.

There's summat wrong there.

Fausty said...

Will Cameron disband ACPO? A fine test for him, I believe.

Yokel said...

Have a look at their web site, where it says that they are "in equal and active partnership with government". I think this says what they mean by "equal" - we'll do it if we fancy, and we'll make up our own law if we don't.

Once Brown has invoked the Civil Contingencies Act, I fear that ACPO Ltd will be our next government.

Anonymous said...

Please send all your worries about the ACPO to the police reform unit at the home office, i did you will be terrified by the response the gov is frightened by these jumped up plods, yes there is a police reform unit. we need to out these cowboys now, and force those concerned to retire, a modern country like Britain does not need the ACPO.