Monday, 24 August 2009

Don't heed the ex-mandarins' crocodile tears

From the late 1970s, from which time Jonathan Powell correctly identifies the collapse of cabinet government, the civil service has pursued a relentless agenda of central Statism, gathering power to Whitehall in an effort to effectively exercise all the levers of government control via ministerial diktat and statutory instrument. Not only has this process neutered local government, it has emasculated Parliament; Ann Widdecombe said in an interview with Total Politics that she entered Parliament as an MP and is leaving as an employee of the House of Commons.

So the crocodile tears shed by the mandarins who brought this about, reported today in the Guardian, should not be given too much credence. These are the very men who have destroyed Parliamentary democracy and local governance and who have cultivated a politicised and corrupt civil service. Their bleating shifts the blame onto Labour, but you can be sure this is only a tactic ahead of fears that Cameron will shrink the power of the central State and undo thirty years of their cynical centralisation.


talwin said...

Mandarins? Cabinet Secretaries for Christ's sake. Really, really important, influential people. People really, really close to the heart of power. People with bags of insider knowledge.

But also, demonstrably, people as weak as piss. Self-serving, feather-bedded tossers who, it seems, were unable to mention any of this when they were in post; or at least after resigning on principle.

What's that, boys? Principle? Look it up.

Anonymous said...

"Fears that Cameron will shrink the central state"?

Alas, fears is all they are; Cameron is no Maggie; he will shrink nothing.

Anonymous said...

See if you can discern the impact of Thatcherism in this graph (which is great resource btw).

Anonymous said...



Bill Quango MP said...

Not much about inflation on those graphs. Defence sending in 1911/12 was out of control, yet the graph would have you believe it was a golden spendless age.

Budgie said...

Anon 09:44 said: ""Fears that Cameron will shrink the central state?" Alas, fears is all they are; Cameron is no Maggie; he will shrink nothing."

Only too right Anon.