Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Czechs alone stand between freedom and subjugation

With the polls indicating that the Irish will vote 'yes', all that now stands between us and the subjugation of a suffocating European Uber-State is the Czech Republic's legal challenge to the terms of the Lisbon Constitution Treaty.

If the Czechs can hold the line against determined attacks from the French and the Hun it will still be a damned close-run thing.

The Czechs provided the RAF with four fighter squadrons and a bomber squadron in the last war; the motto of 313 Chechoslovak Fighter Squadron was 'One hawk dispels many crows'. Let's hope the Czech hawk can work its magic again.


talwin said...

Maybe a folk-memory lingers in the Czech psyche of an earlier subjugation by a European 'ally' in March 1939.

And didn't that follow a Treaty (Munich) and 'assurances'?

Umbongo said...

The knee-jerk reaction at the Foreign Office will be to undermine the Czechs which will have the bonus that such tactics will betray British interests also.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Let's hope the Czechs treat us better than we treated them.

hatfield girl said...

If Angela Merkel gets a centre right coalition rather than a grand coalition - and she may well do so - there might be a shift in Germany's attitude to the Lisbon treaty too. Yes, she was the driver who got it through (well nearly through) but that was then and centre right partners and wholly changed German interests might make them much less inclined to cede their authority to EU interference. They didn't like Mandelson's threats to refer Opel to the Commission and they don't like the Saviour of the World's latest wheeze to force up German manufacturing costs so that they become less competitive and have their economic and financial decisions second-guessed by a newly keynesian IMF. More German interest to the fore and less internationalism and EU federalism are well on the cards.

Lisbon is getting a bit out of date.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It seems sad (to say the least) that we are relying on everyone except ourselves to give us some hope of maintaining our democracy and what's left of our independence.

Maybe the Irish will save us. No? Oh, well maybe the Czechs will. No? Oh, well maybe the Germans will.

Why can we not stand on our own feet and tell the EU to take a hike?

Budgie said...

Weekend Yachtsman you are right, it is shameful for us to rely on the Irish or the Czechs to save our bacon, whilst we do nothing.