Monday, 7 September 2009

Don't write Brown off yet

Peter McKay in the Mail this morning, and Damian Thompson in the Telegraph, both reckon Brown won't make it past Christmas. In the next few weeks I expect we'll see a lot of this opinion, but my money's on Gordon bludgeoning his way through to next year and the election.

I think enough Labourites will reckon their best long-term tactic for saving the party is to let Gordon lead it to an ignominious defeat and blame him for everything afterwards; I can already hear the mendacious platitudes about "The post-Gordon Labour party is a very different party, oh yes" and "We lost our way when we gave in to Gordon's demands to be Leader; it's not a mistake the New New Labour Party will make again"

I'll bet Sarah's already chosen the piccy for the Downing Street Christmas Multiethnic Winterval Card, and MPs, who don't come back from their Summer holidays until 12th October and disappear again for the Christmas break on 18th December (or earlier if Harman wishes), will hardly have time to cook up any Parliamentary awkwardness for Gordon.

But I could, as they say, be wrong.


Budgie said...

Yes, Brown has a horrible way of staying in power no matter how badly he is damaged. And no matter how much damage he is does to Labour, never mind the country. An example in itself of how dishonourable he is.

Compare with Thatcher's leadership contest in 1990: she pitched against substantial challengers and she won but by by a margin she judged to be insufficient, then resigned with honour intact.

Bill Quango MP said...

But I could, as they say, be wrong.

Sadly, I believe you are right.
Old Mr Brown is caving in to the slightest pressure on anything now,in the hope that the economy rebounds, or appears to rebound, just enough to let him use his favourite economic battleground terrain again.

He will be with us until the election, and probably even longer when he declares he has listened to the British people , learnt the lessons and will carry on as leader because 'its the right decision' for the Labour Party.