Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fake charities cushioned from recession downturn

The Times reports this morning that public donations to charities have fallen by 9% in the past year. Not all 'charities' are affected, though; in a scandalous abuse of public funds, the government channels vast amounts of tax money to a select group of fake charities that parrot the Labour Party line in return whilst pretending to be 'independent' charities. This deception of the public in this con-trick is almost criminal. catalogues those covert government mouthpieces that have already been exposed. Mz Leather, a Labour placeman carefully positioned at the helm of the Charities Commission, will never take action against these fakes - preferring to harass small prep schools and pick on vulnerable young children.

Yet more corruption from this stinking cesspit of an administration.

Until the Charity Commission, under new leadership, cuts out this cancer of fake charities then public confidence in donating will be damaged and real charities will suffer.

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Anonymous said...

I've just had a quick glance at their list:

Peace Research and Education Trust appear to be closely associated with other organisations such as the Peace Pledge Union and War Resisters International who encourage service personnel to desert.

How can ANY government possibly support such an action as desertion???