Tuesday, 22 September 2009

LibDems' own goal on Envy Tax

The LibDems' proposed tax on homes worth over £1m - a base appeal to envy if ever there was one - suffers from all the faults of that party's usual ill-thought puffs. Worth a million when? At the last 1991 valuation? On the 6th of April each year? How is this to be administered? What are the costs of administration, and will they outweigh (as seems likely) the tax-take?

That this is just palpable kakk is further confirmed by a Hampstead voter in a letter to the Indescribably this morning:
So when Mr Clegg talks of Russian oligarchs and Hampstead he should remember that 70 per cent of Richmond houses are worth £1m, and 40 per cent of the owners are retired. We're not MPs on £60,000 plus expenses and won't have generous inflation-linked pensions.
So that's the Hampstead and Richmond LibDem vote gone, then, Vince.


Anonymous said...

Will the real LibDem policies please show themselves - oh, they just have.

Coney Island

Umbongo said...

"So that's the Hampstead and Richmond LibDem vote gone"

Never overestimate the common sense of the electorate. According to this almost 26% of our fellow citizens are still willing to vote Labour at the next election - they can't all be Labour's bought and paid for clientocracy! Mind you 43% are willing to vote for Cameron despite the underpinnings of his basic "policies" which - as far as has been revealed - uncannily resemble those of the present administration.

Budgie said...

Can't say that I am crying buckets over this: firstly the LibDims won't form the next government; secondly a £1 million house is far out of my level.

However what is chilling is the sinister glint in politicians eyes at the prospect of taxing us some more. They just love it.