Monday, 28 September 2009

Methinks Mandy doth protest too much

If there's one thing more calculated to wound than faint praise, it's overdone denial. As Mandy now tours the news studios and with feigned indignation repeats to millions of viewers who missed the Andrew Marr show that 'Gordon is not mad, not mad at all. Quite sane and getting on with the job.' you just know that the 'Gordon is mad' meme will now embed itself in the public's consciousness.

Nice one, Mandy.


sean lynch said...

You only have to look at Brown to know he isn't right in the head, there's no humanity in his eye(s) at all, they're pissholes in the snow.
He gives all the impressions of being a manic depressive psychotic.
He should not be in any position of authority.

Anonymous said...

Mandy's trick is an old one. If I say to you, whatever you do, DON'T think of a blue dog, what do you think of?

Gordon is not MAD, not MAD at all....

Coney Island

Budgie said...

Brown's latest wheeze is to pretend that he is - really - the friend of the middle classes. This proposition is so ludicrous that it will be counterproductive. It is the policy equivalent of his infamous YouTube video.

Don Cox said...

Not mad, I think, but near a breakdown from the strain of trying to do a job way beyond his capacity. He is another Anthony Eden.