Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hattersley predicts more 'conviction politicians'

At the tail-end of his Guardian comment piece, Hattersley says;
If it becomes only possible to become an MP by making material sacrifices, there will be more conviction politicians. It is because the House of Commons has increasingly become a career, rather than a vocation, that a proportion (a small proportion) of members behave like bankers in search of a bonus.
And that's as decent an obituary for the loathsome political class that I'm likely to see this side of the election.

Some convicted politicians from this Rotten Parliament would be nice, too.


Demetrius said...

If only, if only........Man In A Shed suggests The Tower, which I have added to.

banned said...

I'm surprised not to be hearing bleats from Labour that only rich Tory Toffs of independent means will be able to afford to become MPs.
Is there a mechanism for banning disgraced politicos from seeking future Public Office in the same way that a crooked businessman can be barred from company directorships ?

talwin said...

I'm old enough to remember when there were a good number of rich Tory toffs in politics (and some Labour ones!), and even a shed-load of hereditary peers.

I don't remember it being perfect, but I have a feeling there was a whole load more honour and integrity, and a genuine notion of service among many parliamentarians.