Saturday, 31 October 2009

Irvine gets his retaliation in first

There is no doubt that Derry Irvine was an inflated, pompous, hubristic New Labour dag with a reputation as a sot. Nor is there much doubt that he was a foolish man in reminding Blair of the constitutional nicety that Lord Chancellor ranks above Prime Minister in the order of precedence; his reported demand to the PM for 'another Whisky, young Blair' at Number 10 cannot have endeared him to a man whose own vanity is monumental. That he should have been surprised when Blair sacked him is evidence of how badly he read the runes.

And now, with those resentments having simmered in 70° proof for five years, Irvine has submitted evidence to the HofL Select Committee on the Constitution giving his own account of the affair. Neither he nor Blair comes out well from it.

Tales of Blair's utter vacuity will come increasingly to light as this Labour administration nears its death. The nation has unhealed wounds from his lies, distortion and misrepresentations. He's still not wanted within these shores, and wisely spends his time largely in voluntary exile. It will take a Act of Attainder from the Parliament that Blair so fouled to heal the nation's wound; an Act that strips him of honour and property. If Irvine wishes to redeem himself, he could do worse than channel his resentment into quiet lobbying in the Lords for the Bill of Attainder to be raised there.

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Anonymous said...

He might do that, apart from the fact that if he did so, the reason would become apparent, which is that he didn't get what he thought was his share of the swag.

Brian, follower of Deornoth