Sunday, 4 October 2009

Markets work

Decades ago when I kept hens in the orchard of my Suffolk cottage, I recall a new girl friend gagging on the richness of the first real egg she had ever tasted - factory eggs from hens fed largely on fishmeal being universal in those days. Now, no child under sixteen has ever seen bacon rashers with rinds on them. Supermarket bacon is pumped full of water with brine and dextrose to blow it up to twice its natural size, but as the rinds don't absorb it they are discarded. Strange that we should spend so much Sterling buying Danish and Dutch bacon-flavoured water.

I mention this because I am shortly to eat the last of my real bacon for the week (below). This lot came from Borough Market, but there are farmers' markets and real food shops all over the place now so no-one should have the excuse of not being able to taste real bacon - for some younger ones, for the first time in their lives. And like the difference between real coffee and instant coffee, once tasted there's no going back.

And for those of you who like to stock up their store cupboards with tins, packets and boxes from the French hypermarkets but for whom the weakness of Gordon's pound makes a car trip unattractive, we've got French Click (no connection) - delivery free within London for orders over £35. If you can't cook without Knorr Pot Au Feu stock cubes or Sel de Guerande, and prefer real French coffee to the pale Tesco imitation, have the taste for a kilo of real garlic sausage or a wheel of unpastuerised Reblochon, this is the place for you.

Markets work. And not a Suricata suricatta in sight.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm gagging for a real English breakfast. I've got to drive to get bacon because I live in a London area that that every shop serves halal. Even the 'Jamaican' shop is halal. Only the Chinese have not submitted yet.

Anonymous said...

Yep - it's farm shops for me also. There is one not far from me - Sheaf Farm, Cheshire - and its not just the bacon that's good. Ever had "nose end" of Brisket? Well try some (from a farm shop coz supermarkets wouldn't know one end from the other) coz it's an easy rival to rolled rib, but half the price. Veg straight out of the ground as well. All you need then is some goose fat roasters and you have the absolutely perfect Sunday dinner.

Mind you ask for "nose end" though!

Coney Island

Blue Eyes said...

Bugger. I thought about setting up an internet shop of "stuff you can only get in France" many years ago but didn't do anything about it.

Raedwald said...

Ah, BE - the story of my life. I missed my tide back in the 80s; had I acted, I would be retired by now with a few millions in the bank.

Peter Ward said...

So true! Farm shops with real food: meat, fruit and veg. We used to laugh at old people and their "food doesn't taste as good as it used to" until we found that it really didn't. I don't understand the sudden drop in purchase of organic food this year -- how can you go back to the rubbish that masquerades as bacon, sausage, even potatoes, once you've eaten the real thing?