Sunday, 11 October 2009

Normington and O'Donnell scrambling to save careers

The culture of not resigning in the face of blatant wrongdoing is not confined to ministers; Blairite mandarins are now also steeped in a culture of dishonourable self-interest and self-preservation. David Normington, who was Jacqui Smith's Home Office permanent secretary, and Gus O'Donnell, Cabinet Secretary, are both now desperately scrambling to censor and 'redact' as much as they can of a report that is expected to damn them, in the hope that if the smoking gun remains secret they can bluff their way into holding onto their jobs.

It was perfectly obvious to anyone that Normington and O'Donnell deliberately fooled the police into believing that the Damian Green affair was a matter of national security when it was nothing of the sort. The deliberately calculated untruths, half-lies, omissions, distortions and deceptions that we know or suspect already were used by Normington and O'Donnell led directly to a police raid on an MP's office and a gross abuse of Parliamentary privilege. For Parliamentary privilege read our democratic rights against an overweaning State; Parliament's privileges are our hard-won safeguards.

For these gross offences against the interests of the British people both Normington and O'Donnell must go.


Bill Quango MP said...

Certainly seems that way.
It sounds as if the pair were only a shade away from phoning crimestoppers to report a terrorist cell.

Letters From A Tory said...

I doubt David Cameron would need a second invitation to boot out the civil servants who have presided over such an astonishing expansion of the state over the past decade.