Wednesday, 28 October 2009

We're watching MPs' use of Parliamentary time

It's hardly surprising to see where MPs real interests lie; now that Kelly's key proposals have been leaked, there is no shortage of time it seems for our 'busy' MPs to devote themselves full-time to an interest closest to their hearts - their wallets. Nor it seems will there be any shortage of Parliamentary time for them to debate their own expenses and welfare.

I've no doubt before long these corrupt rogues will come up with another little scam to subvert Kelly; renting their second homes to each other, employing each other's children. Whatever.

But our eyes are on this Rotten Parliament like no other. Between now and its well-deserved dissolution, we're watching like hawks the business on which they spend their time, and the lobbies they enter. Our verdict on their behaviour will be at the ballot box.

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Scrobs... said...

The old fart, Roger Gale was posturing on Al Beeb this morning, saying that his wife worked for "60 hours a week", and deserved her money.

Don't believe it one moment.

Nobody in support roles do this much work; they're scratching their arses, looking out of the window, making calls to mates, looking at websites all the time, just like the rest of the population who hae time on their hands.