Sunday, 8 November 2009

At least we're spared the sickening stench of Blair at the Cenotaph

If there was any greater blasphemy of Blair's misrule, it was his nauseous presence at the annual ceremony at the Cenotaph. His patently contrived facial set, as false and dishonest as all else about him, used to rouse a wholly inappropriate ire in me at a moment of national remembrance. His betrayal of our nation and of our army have earned him ignominy and disgrace even in death; if his perfumed corpse is dug from the grave and flung into the common sewer-pit it will be no less than he deserves. Like one of Graves' despoilers

The white hem of a winding sheet
Draws slowly upward from her feet;
Soon it will mount knee-high, then to the thigh.
It crackles like the parchment of the treaties,
Bonds, contracts and conveyances,
With which, beggared and faint and like to die,
You signed away your island sovereignty
To rogues who learned their primer at your knees

Instead, today we will have Brown, as dead as any Zombie, pale and phosphorescent with the corpse-pallor, stiff and mechanical as he clutches a wreath that surely stains his wrist scarlet to the cuff, a stain beyond all great Neptune's ocean's ability to wash.


Savonarola said...

I looked at the wretched Ainsworth, inflicted on the armed services as evidence of Brown's contempt for those who serve, looked at Brown staring dully straight ahead at the Cenotaph having laid a wreath and felt a rising bile of deep hatred for this man.

I last had this feeling when Joseph Desire Mobutu appeared on our screens a decade ago. He destroyed the Congo and its people returning them to the heart of darkness and beyond.

Nick Drew said...

spared the sickening stench of Blair at the Cenotaph

unfortunately, unless my eyes decieved me ..?

Blue Eyes said...

ND - indeed he was there next to JM.

Clameur de Haro said...

Blue Eyes is right- Bliar was there, standing next to JM behind Call-Me-Dave Cam-EU-ron. A truly sickening sight, and an insult to all British servicemen.

And I also shared Savonarola's rage and contempt at seeing that unreconstructed, unrepentant Scotch marxist McDoom place a wreath in faux respect to those whom his ideology traduces. He is not fit to lick their boots.

Calfy said...

Great post. I particularly liked the Graves.

Bill Quango MP said...

Cherie turned up too.
How nice.