Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Benisons not lost, just misplaced

In a gentle Fisking of Marr's new TV series 'The Making of Modern Britain', Charles Moore concludes;
As well as gaining much, we have also lost. Honour, manufacturing, oratory, worship, friendly societies, organised temperance, provincial pride, fair play, low taxes, reading and writing, public order, good trains and public clocks which kept the time – just a few of the things which our own age could improve if it bothered to admire the past rather more and itself rather less.
But not lost, I think, as much as misplaced. Many of the benisons that Moore lists spring from our national sense of self-worth, the comfort of our place in our little platoons, and the binding effect of the shared sense of duty and responsibility that this brings.

To keep all we have gained - a more equitable society, a progressive 'one nation' Conservative Party, universal education and health care - and to rediscover what we have misplaced, we need to recognise the malignant forces that seek to prevent this. European federalism, Socialism, central Statism, the cult of the self, the assaults on our national sense of identity. These are evils that must be recognised as such.

Marr, bright chap that he is, is too blinkered, his Corporatist world vision too limited, to realise any of this, and so we have what could have been a first rate TV series scripted and presented by an intellectually handicapped second-rate commentator.


Pat said...

What struck me most about theMarr programs was his breathless enthusiasm- he came across as a salesman. I wonder if he really believes the ideas he's selling? Methinks he doth protest too much.

Budgie said...

Charles Moore said: "... our own age could improve if it bothered to admire the past rather more and itself rather less."


Savonarola said...

Marr, sadly, is a contemporary example of the thoroughly modern 'historian for the masses' and commentator.

He means well as does the BBC. Like in evry sphere of modern life the driving force is ratings and not what is of value.

Chris said...

Dreary little common room Marxist Marr is no A.J.P Taylor. In truth, he's not Taylor's bootlace.