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Monday, 23 November 2009

One poll doesn't make a summer election

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the latest poll showing Cameron's lead down to single figures, but what's clear is that the British public are still against Labour rather than for Cameron. And every week seems to expose some new uncertainty, some new flaw, that hurts Cameron. His despicable photo-op at the crosses for the dead, his ruling out (as Ben Brogan points out) of an In-Out referendum because the Outs would win, and the slow leaking of central Statist policies that leave his trumpeted Localism nowhere, together with rumbling dissatisfaction in the shires, now from the 'Suffolk Swedes', will all serve to erode the Conservative vote.

Iain will no doubt deliver another homily on the importance of 'discipline' on the right, but if Dave continues along a manifesto path that many of us can barely distinguish from Labour's, how long can this last?


sean lynch said...

The centre right in politics to use the well worn phrase is a broad church. David Cameron is what you might call a moderate Conservative, if you go further right you alienate the moderate centrist majority.
As a politician, a leader of a political organisation, Dave does have to set the agenda, otherwise what is the point of having a leader?
I think Cameron has made the Tories electable again precisely because he's a moderate.
The old Tory nasty party is no more,
the diference between Tory and Labour is that Labour are Orwellian, intrusive and authoritarian, Cameron's Tories are libertarian but not in denial of society as Thatcher was.
Extreme right or extreme left, they represent a minority viewpoint and are equally undesirable.
I'm voting for Cameron, I want the worst government and PM in history to be part of history, the UKIP and the BNP will never attract enough votes but they could reduce the Tory majority, so be it, it's called democracy!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Cameron's Tories are libertarian"



sean lynch said...

I appear to have brightened up someone's day at least, it is rather dreary and depressing in the darkest wettest months.
It is only an opinion, I don't claim it to be set in stone, just a point of view my dear fellow!

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives don't represent the majority of conservative-minded people any more. That they have any support at all, is due to the general loathing of Labour.

Contrary to popular opinion, I believe a small Tory majority will be good for the country - provided that the 'fringe' parties manage to cadge seats off Labour, so giving the opposition benches a more patriotic flavour.

How depressing that Labour still manages to pull 30% of the vote.

Newmania said...

New Poll out shows sanity returned on Political betting . Read the last few posts R , all good stuff I almost always agree with you

Budgie said...

sean lynch said a load of baloney as follows:

"David Cameron is what you might call a moderate Conservative, ..."

Cameron is an immoderate power seeker and he is not a Conservative anything.

"The old Tory nasty party is no more, ..."

The Tories never were the 'nasty' party, that was just a lazy epithet from Liebore, copied by other lazy people. The Tories were, however, corrupt and incompetent, as all governments become which have been in power too long. Though come to think of it, Liebore were corrupt from almost day 1, and incompetent within a week of that.

"... Cameron's Tories are libertarian ..."

In your dreams.

"... but not in denial of society as Thatcher was."

Thatcher never denied society.

"I'm voting for Cameron, ..."

Vote Cameron, get Brussels.

sean lynch said...

Budgie, vote UKIP or BNP get Brown, just don't come on these blogs moaning and complaining about how diabolical Labour are when they get back in !

Budgie said...

Sean, by supporting Cameron, you and millions like you, are failing to put pressure on him to produce what I assume you want - a policy of trading relations with the EU but otherwise out of the EU.

If nearly every Tory voter said to Cameron 'no vote unless we have an exit EU referendum' we would get it.

Of course, you may not actually want to leave the EU, which is rather the point about Cameron, isn't it?

After 37 years in the EU enough is enough. In the post Lisbon EU neither Tory nor Liebore will have much power, our main government is in Brussels.

sean lynch said...

Budgie, thanks for the reply.
Personally I would rather have given that this is the choice, Cameron and a Conservative government and the EU, than Brown and Labour and the EU..
I do not believe that the Tories, being innately eurosceptic will bend over backwards, as Labour have done, to accommodate every whim and dictat from Brussels, and we will not be on our own, there are a number of EU states that have a similar attitude, Labour meekly follow because they are both cowardly and also brainlessly inept and unable to make their own decisions or formulate their own policies!
I have to admit that to me getting rid of Labour and Brown takes precedence over matters EU.
You do not have to do what the EU says at all times, look at the French and Germans, they simply decide what is and isn't good for them, why can't we do that?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I do not believe that the Tories...will bend over accommodate every whim and dictat from Brussels"

Why on earth not? It's what they did last time they were in office.