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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pearson - A Tory after my own heart

UKIP's new leader, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, is no Cameron Conservative but an old-school Tory after my own heart. A hearty 67 year-old, he's surely got enough years left in him to see his party through about the most fluid and uncertain time in politics in my lifetime, a time in which everything is to play, and everything to win. Pearson underwent a profound religious experience in 1977, and has undertaken to raise his banner for the Light in the Manichaean battle between good and evil, and would join battle in the name of Good with the baleful malignity of Ahriman and Lucifer, the twin evils of Euro-Federalism and Jihadist Islam. For Pearson it's about a morality so fundamental that all else is spume.

His loathing for the political class - foolish tools of Ahriman - his enthusiasm for Localism, his detestation of the EU and his conviction that we have wounded ourselves grievously with Labour's lunatic multiculturalism place my own views firmly alongside Pearson's.

Cameron's supporters will be quick with their stilettos - in Pearson UKIP have a more formidable leader than Nigel Farage, and they know it.


dickiebo said...

Let's just hope that you are right!

Anonymous said...

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