Monday, 2 November 2009

Wanted: Fat cat trougher to save our expenses

Desperate MPs are now searching for a pro-expenses stooge to appoint as chair of the 'independent' IPSA to counter Kelly's recommendations. The head and senior executives of the IPSA should, in their view, support strongly the idea of highly-paid MPs with generous expense allowances and international troughing opportunities. The shivers of austerity and being restricted to live like the merely wealthy are giving courage to members in a last ditch attempt to preserve their corrupt lifestyles.

They may wriggle and squirm as much as they like, but we'll have them off the green benches and in the Jobcentre queue next Summer unless they demonstrate that they really do get it at last. Harman, whose contact with the real world is sporadic at best, is not a voice they should be listening to.

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