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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

C'mon you Tories - get the Gobos out

Back in the 1980s, a concerted effort by 'red' town halls across the country in opposition to Thatcher's economic policies saw huge canvas banners appearing on the facades of public buildings carrying the latest local unemployment figures. City Hall, now the Elephant Aquarium, had a banner directly facing the Commons terrace. Once a week or so, the town clerks would be sent up to the rooftops with some new numbers and a pot of glue to update the totals.

Yesterday the Conservatives lit up Battersea Power Station to much the same effect (H/T and pic from the Speccie) - but using gobos rather than canvas banners. The advantage of a gobo is that the plate can be easily updated without the town clerk risking her life and her £200k salary on the rooftop. They are readily available.

So c'mon Boris, Stephen Greenhalgh and the rest of you - why isn't every Tory town hall in London illuminated at night with the borough's share of Brown's debt?

And pleeease don't tell me about either (a) advertising consent or (b) Maggie's outlawing of council funds for party politics. If Lewisham can spend squillions on a glossy mag that's nothing but a thinly disguised encomium for the Labour mayor I'm sure Hammersmith can run to a gobo.


Bill Quango MP said...

Wasn't it ITV that had the job totals in the corner each night.

"Today another steel mill closed with the loss of 3,000 jobs.
But good news in Leeds where a part time position has become available at Our Price and a counter clerk position at the Midland Bank.

That brings the unemployed total to 2,987,643.
{coming up next, Ben Elton."

Demetrius said...

This Battersea display will be seen by large numbers of people and commuters travelling into London whose rail services have been slashed and journey times lengthened to help increase the bonuses of the rail chiefs.

Anonymous said...

@BQ: News at Ten had a spot every Friday night in the 1980s to make a splash for the weekend's news agenda. So when my factory was closed, the management deliberately timed the announcement for a Friday, late enough in the day that the editors couldn't fact check it before they went home (office hours). By next Friday it was stale news so never got any mention!

The presenter who made the big thing about job losses was Reginald Bosanquet if I remember correctly.

The Great Simpleton said...

This is what Boris should build:

on the edge of College Green

so that it is the backdrop every time an MP is interviewed.

Anonymous said...

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

Anonymous said...

Oh and here we are without resolution. Dithering useless prats think that taxing those on over £20k and a "Bingo" tax...WTF is a feckin' bingo tax?? Stupid useless cretins have, once again, screwed the lower paid folks of this nation whilst leaving their mates in the banks and the civil service enjoying the high-life. May the twats swing from the jibbet!
Coney Island