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Monday, 14 December 2009

Iran's bomb

Whilst Ken Macdonald excoriates his former boss in the Times with phrases such as 'mislead and cajole the British people', 'Mr Blair’s fundamental flaw was his sycophancy towards power', 'a narcissist’s defence and self-belief is no answer to misjudgment' and 'a Prime Minister lost in self-aggrandisement', elsewhere in the paper is hard evidence that Iran is acquiring components only usable in a nuclear device.

Iraq's chaos for the past six years has allowed Iran to abandon wasteful expenditure on tank divisions and motorised infantry corps and concentrate its resources on building nuclear missiles with which to attack Israel; a fruitcake theocracy waiting for the occultation and the arrival of the Mahdi in an apocalyptic conclusion will not regard MAD as a deterrent stand-off but as a necessary precondition. There can be little doubt that Iran's weapon programme is a real and imminent danger to Israel.

That Israel will be forced into a strike against Iran seems inevitable. That this strike will be backed by the UN seems remote. The fall-out from Blair's crying wolf over Iraq's WMDs is that the UK won't stick its neck out again in the absence of a UN decision - and this perhaps is the sole good thing to come from all Blair's omissions, distortions and misrepresentations. Israel will have to go it alone, with US backing in some form or other.

I'm no great friend of Israel's, but defend absolutely the right of the legal State of Israel - the bit within the pre-1967 borders, that is - to exist. It is paradoxical that Blair's scramble to prove himself as America's bitch in 2003 now deprives Israel of the chance of British support at perhaps the most critical stage in its history.


Letters From A Tory said...

The other fallout from Blair's WMD lies is that we don't have the military capability to get involved anywhere else in the world, even if we wanted to.

hatfield girl said...

Do we have the military capability to prevent anywhere else in the world getting involved with us?

I ask plainly, not rhetorically, as Brown has committed so much of our Defence (in the real meaning of the word) funding to aircraft carriers that will never be built while providing work for his voter-base leaves us without the naval forces that we need.

Because our land forces are to be subsumed in a European force, under the direction of Catherine Ashton, while the British Army is deprived of equipment and funding to pay for it.


talwin said...

Time to dig out those old copies of 'Protect and Survive'?