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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Moore gives Marr a 'B' for modern Britain

In the Telegraph this morning Charles Moore revisits his critique of the first episode of Marr's 'Making of Modern Britain' following the conclusion of the series. If his first opinion was a 'C' or even a 'D', he seems to have mellowed and I guess Marr earns a 'B' this time. The accusation of inbuilt left-wing bias is still there - though this is by no means confined to Andrew Marr or the BBC; accepted wisdom these days seems to be that Hitler was an evil monster, Stalin was a ruthless leader.

Personally, I'd confine the small screen's paid opinion-givers to their primary trade -when they wander into the realm of the academic they rarely do us justice. This applies to Snow and his boy as well as to Marr. Leave history to the historians.


Blognor Regis said...

I saw some of the first series (1945 onwards) and thought it trite and silly, thus I kept well away from this one. Not surprised father-in-law was raving about it though - flicks eyeballs skywards.

circus monkey said...

......and politics to the politicians! Ooops, no we tried that, didn't we?

Budgie said...

The BBC can be brought down by not buying a TV licence. How simple does a revolution have to be?

Anyway you will have more time to watch/read what you really want, rather than paying for the biased dross you don't.