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Sunday, 6 December 2009

A touch of class

Labour's desperate clutching at the straw of Class War in its death-spasm is a telling return to the womb for a party rooted in the evils of greed and envy. Making an utter mockery of the equalities agenda, throwing the concept of inciting hatred against any part of our society out of the window, Labour has shown its true roots - as a party of racists, bigots and thugs. In the party's dying months, it's placed itself head-to-head with the BNP in a struggle to attract the votes of the envious have-nots.

Can't get your child into a school where at least half the pupils speak English as a first language? It's the toffs' fault. Maternity wards full of Nigerian village girls and you can't get a decent midwife? It's the toffs' fault. Can't get a seat on the bus for the harem of Niqab-clad pushchair shovers? It's the toffs' fault. Can't get a Council flat for your twenty-something boy and his girlfriend? It's the toffs' fault.

Labour's choices to lessen the kicking that the country is ready to give them over immigration are limited. They can put their hands up and say "OK, fair cop. We totally buggered up on immigration"; they can deflect the voters' anger against the immigrants themselves, or they can try to deflect the voters' anger against a third party. They've chosen the last option.

In the London Assembly, Richard Barnbrook typifies the type of voter Labour are so desperately trying to woo back; cerebrally challenged, chippy, covetous, bigoted and deeply resentful of the meritocratic achievements of others.

How telling that Labour have abandoned any attempt to fight for the votes of Britain's majority middle class any more. The ABCs are lost to them - they're scrabbling in the filth for the DEs.


talwin said...

Don't suppose it suits the odious Brown to mention, in passing even, the 37 VCs also a product of the 'playing fields of Eton'

Bill Quango MP said...

Used that picture in a video a while back. The end of Weimar Toffs - the rise of the Tory Toffs.

Peter Mandelson in Cabaret

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Labour the Ds and Es are just as disenchanted and will be voting for the BNP.

Anonymous said...

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sean lynch said...

What a shallow, grubby little party Labour is shown to be,
thieving lying toadying backstabbing traitors green with envy of anyone with a registerable I.Q., aspirations to better themselves, a decent background and education.
Embarking full tilt on a race to the bottom of the pile, obliterating everything that was good about our country.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"Labour has shown its true roots - as a party of racists, bigots and thugs"

Twas ever thus. You forgot 'selfish' though.

squirty said...

the KKK and neo nazis use the same tactics to insite hatred

William Gruff said...

Raedwald: There is a little more to 'meritocracy' than an expensively educated spermatozoa penetrating an exquisitely finished ovum, or a well placed pen signing an indecently large cheque.

Few get to the top, and few really grudge those who do a little more for doing so, but few are prepared to shovel, or swallow, the shit that those educated at Eton, and other establishments, think should be swallowed in hopes of a few falling crumbs or droplets trickling down, or out of fashion 'rags' handed on.

What is a 'meritocracy' other than a gradually changing, always self-sustaining, state in which those able to grab control thereby 'merit' as much of the spoil as they can carry off (and create a political system to ensure that their descendants can do likewise until Domesdaeg)?

I don't understand the concept of 'meritocracy'. Will you kindly enlighten me?