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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

'V' for, er, something

'V' may mean Vendetta to popular UK bloggers, but to the opposition in Iran, denied a free vote and freedom to print or publish, with draconian controls over free speech, I suspect it means something between freedom and victory, much like the 'V's that appeared overnight on walls all over occupied France. Anyhow, rather cleverly they've taken to over-printing all the banknotes that pass through their hands with a big green 'V'. The Iranian central bank is reported to be trying to take these out of circulation as soon as they appear, with little success.

Could be useful viral advertising for minority parties here in the UK, I'm thinking ....


Budgie said...

Any British party who tried that would end up not being able to stand. It is a bit difficult putting yourself forward as a law maker if you are a law breaker.

The Iranian V is more an individual and a truly revolutionary act. Have we got to that point yet? I think not, despite Brown's serial incompetence and spite.

However, if Cameron gets elected (and it is an 'if'), and fails to undo Labour's fascist/communist state then I can see revolution here as the preferred option. Let us hope it would be a 'glorious' revolution and not the normal rather nasty sort.

wildgoose said...

There's already a low-level campaign to write "Celt Geld" on bank notes in protest at the Barnett Formula largesse that taxes England in order to provide superior services in Scotland, etc.

Tony Blair famously stated that the Barnett Formula was "a price worth paying to keep the UK together", i.e. a blatant bribe.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all voted for separate Parliaments in which the English were to be denied any say in how they were run. However the hypocrites still insist on sending MPs to what should now be the English Parliament in order to use their swing votes to give themselves perks that are denied to the people of England.

We're either in it together or we're not. The "Celts" have voted that they're separate when it comes to matters in their own countries but suddenly "British" when it concerns England.

Time to "put up or shut up". If they don't want English involvement in their country they shouldn't have English money either.