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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cameron - Brown TV debate row

The NOTW describes a behind-the-scenes row between Labour and Conservatives over the composition of the audience for their live TV debate. Neither, of course, wants to be ambushed as Blair was over GP waiting times, or to be heckled or booed, so they are asking for the audience to be completely silent, and ask no questions, during the debate.

Brown wants a Labour majority in the audience to reflect his Commons majority, whilst Cameron wants a majority to reflect his poll lead. I think both are wrong. Since both head parties shunned by ordinary voters, I think the audience should be composed of each party's significant funders, possibly as follows;

Labour Audience
Trade Unionists - 20
Millionaires - 2
State of Israel - 2
Ordinary members - 6

Conservative Audience
Millionaires - 19
Russian oligarchs -2
State of Israel - 2
Ordinary members - 7


English Pensioner said...

Why not an audience of non-supporters of either party, say UKIP, Lib Dems, and dare I suggest BNP.
It would be far more interesting!

Anonymous said...

The old adage - "never argue with a fool, in case people don't know the difference" (Arthur Black, I think).

Cameron has enough on Browm to demolish him, so should stay quiet. Also, he needs Brown to stay just where he is right now. This nation hates Brown and Cameron should capitalise on just that!

Coney Island