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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

'Charity' is away with the fairies

The BBC's news lead that 'Severe Child Poverty is going up' disguises a definition of poverty that can only have come from the minds of people who have absolutely no idea what real poverty is. This angers me beyond belief - for as long as they peddle these spurious minimum standards, then they are doing no favours for those truly in poverty. Save the Children's spreadsheets demonstrate that a couple with two children are in a state of poverty if they fail to achieve a weekly income of £626.43

This includes a fortnight at Centreparcs every year, plus £32 a week on social activities for the parents, in addition to 8 cans of beer and a bottle of wine a week. It includes an allowance for not only wine glasses, but for a home furnished with every convenience that the researchers can think of, for cycle ownership, home insurance, the TV licence and a shopping bill that includes every foodstuff known to the middle-class kitchen. "Some children don't have a Winter Coat" runs Save the Children's pious press release, but presumably they have everything else on a list that includes;

Dressing Gown - 1
Jeans - 3prs
Jumpers - 4
Jumpers - 3 (different?)
Pants - 10prs
PE shorts - 2prs
Swin shorts - 1
PE tops - 1
PE 'T' shirts - 2
Plimsoles / trainers - 1 pr
Polo shirts - 6
Pyjamas - 2
School shoes - 1pr
School socks - 5prs
Shorts - 3prs
Socks - 10prs
Tracksuit bottoms - 2ps
Trainers - 1pr
Trousers - 4prs
T-shirts - 5
Vests - 10
Waterproof coat - 1
Wellington boots - 1
Winter Coat - 1

Not having a Winter Coat sounds so much more emotive than "Some children don't have a Dressing Gown", or "Some children only have nine vests", doesn't it? God in Heaven, this list is twice the length of the one of the items with which I had to be provided at boarding school.

Until these fools recognise that poverty is not being able to pay the TV licence at all, that poverty is feeding the kids on £1 Iceland pizzas every day, that poverty is unwashed pissed bedsheets, skunk deals and snuff videos - in other words, the sort of home life suffered by the Edlington 'killers' - then we risk misdirecting resources away from those that need support the most.


Nick Drew said...

Tracksuit bottoms - 2ps?!

eeeh, that were looxury !

when I were kid, we 'ad nowt but one tracksuit bottom

y'tell kid's of t'day and they'll not believe you !

Tyson said...

I never, ever, thought I'd say this, but I'm not too proud to admit the truth-you are talking sense on this one.

I hope this isn't the start of a new trend for 2010:)

Anonymous said...

I heard this on the radio. It didn't really sink in coz I was driving, but now, having read it (the radio gave scant details) I am incensed from another direction. My Dad passed away 3 weeks ago at the age of 81. His stories of having nothing other than a great family life have now passed out of living memory for my family. He really did have nothing but a roof over his head. In his chilhood he used to watch the bombers coming in over Liverpool and the desparate struggles of our airmen to knock 'em down. His joy as a child was collecting the shrapnel in his street from the exploded munitions that fell from the sky, or talking with the "Laskas" near Bidston tip, Birkenhead. His first house when married was with his Mum & Dad and his first home ownership was a small farm cottage - he couldn't get a mortgage, so the farmer lent him the money on trust and my Dad worked the farm after he got home from a full days work at Shell. He worked the farm until 10 or 11 at night and at weekends as well, in order to pay down the debt. After a life of toil and sacrifice for his wife and 4 kids, he retired well with his Shell pension - and by God he deserved to.

DAMMIT DAMMIT!! - I'm fuming with rage as well at this sort of crap that has infested our once great country. These bastards have absolutely no idea.

Coney Island

Demetrius said...

As someone who was young seventy years ago with parents distinctly in the lower income group, to have a clothing list of this kind then you would need to be earning above average income or in the "posh" category by our definition. The trouble is that there is real poverty out there and the government do not know how to deal with it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

You've got your blog working again, that's a relief.

Ian Bennett said...

"poverty is not being able to pay the TV licence at all"

Surely poverty is not needing a TV licence because you can't afford a TV.