Saturday, 23 January 2010

Cohen the Thief

It won't be long now before the man who can bill himself as 'Disgraced former MP Harry Cohen' can sign up for the after-dinner speaking circuit; for a few hundred quid, he will tell sometimes risque and sometimes funny stories to rugby club and golf club members and no doubt will become a better person than ever he was an MP.

Waste no sympathy on the man. Whilst he stuffed his mouth with taxpayers' gold, he was amongst those who devalued our democracy, destroyed our economy, fragmented our society and inculcated a corrosive culture of naked greed and self-interest. He deserves nothing but the obloquy of history and a leper's grave in the bleak Essex marshes. Cohen the Thief.

1 comment:

The Great Simpleton said...

He wouldn't near any of the golf clubs I've been a member of, unless there was a 7-iron buried in his head.