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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Is Campbell ready to lie to Chilcot?

I think it fair to say that Campbell's evidence to the two previous Iraq inquiries has not shed a great deal of light on the truth. His role, in particular, in the fabrication of the spurious WMD dossier, and his role in the death of Dr Kelly remain largely undiscovered territory. The question is whether his culpability is of a degree that would also compel him to lie to the Chilcot Inquiry when he gives evidence later today.

We are promised that Sir Roderic Lyne (BBC .mp3 profile, 13mts) is likely to be the toughest questioner that Campbell will face, and I suppose we must wait until this evening's news bulletins to find out.

There is genuine doubt in particular in the manner of Dr Kelly's death, with expert opinions emerging suggesting it's increasingly likely not to have been suicide. Blair, Campbell and the government of the day may not have commissioned Kelly's death directly, but I've got a gut feeling they know who did. In the murky world of politics these days in which the main parties are financed not by their members but by foreign governments and oligarchs, it is too easy for a complicit State or individual to secure a cover-up from both Conservative and Labour leaders.

These are deep waters in which the public interest, indeed the national interest, are unlikely to be well served by the political class.


talwin said...

Campbell obfuscate or lie? Heaven forefend!

Anonymous said...

The British government involved in the murder of someone for political reasons?? Actually, although I dispise everyone in the Labour government (Frank Field excepted) I really hope not. It would destroy Britain completely if it were to be proved.

Coney Island

The Great Simpleton said...

With no other evidence than that in the public domain, I've felt for a long time that Dr Kelly's death had a whiff of the "will anyone rid me of this turbulent priest" about it.

Budgie said...

Dr Kelly did not seem to me the type who would commit suicide. There are also medical anomalies in the accounts of his death. My suspicion is therefore that he was killed.

I am aware this is not proof of murder, still less an indication that the UK government, in some capacity, was involved. But it would not surprise me if some people connected with the UK, or even Russian, government were involved.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

LibDem politician Norman Baker has been threatened with anonymous phone threats over this matter - and more.... here

I recall a similar, if not identical case - where somebody else was threatening to expose gubmint skulduggery and they killed a man and then framed somebody for murder - because he'd be ahem quite difficult to bump off....... tinfoil hat, black helicopter - you decide.