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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Labour's gulag apologists favoured by Gordon

I have pointed out on here frequently enough how Labour's arch saint, Nye Bevan, was an apologist, even a proponent, for Stalin's gulags at a time when that tyrant's genocidal intentions were well understood by the press. And I've blogged how Oswald Mosley, a Labour government minister and Nazi, was influential in establishing Labour's repressive agenda. Yesterday Guido condemned the Fabians in no uncertain terms;
For a century the Fabians have sought and sadly often succeeded in undermining the traditional family, property rights and individual freedom. Their cause is evil.
Guido is quite right.

It was Marx and Engels who introduced the notion of genocide to politics, and the Fabians who not only supported its fashionable offshoot, eugenics, but the selective murder of those who would not fit into the straitjacket of a Socialist State.

In 1933, in a preface to On The Rocks, Bernard Shaw derided the principle of the sanctity of human life as an absurdity to any good Socialist, calling for extermination to be put 'on a scientific basis'. Shortly after, in the Listener, Shaw wrote;
Appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly: in short a gentlemanly gas - deadly by all means, but humane, not cruel. It might be useful in war, but if another war does not come, we shall find a use for it at home.
Shaw reasoned that to kill off the acquisitive classes is "quite reasonable and very necessary" since 'no punishment will ever cure them of their capitalistic instincts'.

Though Shaw was more concerned with the extermination of the idle, the unfit and opponents of Socialism, he defended the rights of the Nazis to exterminate the Jews - but preserving the clever ones. Writing to Beatrice Webb in 1938, he said;
We ought to tackle the Jewish question by admitting the right of States to make eugenic experiments by weeding out any strains they think undesirable, but insisting they do it as humanely as they can afford to
With a 'humane lethal gas' no doubt?

Along with Shaw, the Webbs and HG Wells, even Virginia Woolf was a supporter of State murder; after passing a line of the profoundly mentally ill, she wrote "Imbeciles - every one of them a miserable, ineffective, shuffling, idiotic creature. It was perfectly horrible. They should certainly be killed."

If the Conservatives had a group with these antecedents, does anyone seriously imagine that the Conservative leader would allow them to continue inside the party? Still less, would choose to visit their conference to launch the most mendacious and unbelievable piece of policy spin since Goebbels declared himself a true friend of the Jews?

That Gordon favours this evil cabal says much more about Gordon than anything else. And Cameron should allow his real ire to show; these very Fabians would have killed the late Ivan Cameron with their 'humane lethal gas' long before he passed on in God's time and in the arms of his loving parents. They are evil indeed.


Anonymous said...

This is patently absurd, R. You cannot accuse the Fabians of being evil. The Fabian Society is a left-wing organisation and the left is not evil. It is good. If someone on the left were to do something "evil" (like, say, Stalin), it is only because they weren't really left-wing at all.

The left-wing is good. The right-wing is evil. Don't you get it?

Anyway, even if someone on the left were, out of an excess of enthusiasm and goodness, kill a few million class enemies, you have to understand: you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs and you cannot make the proletariat paradise without wading up to your knees in the blood of bourgeoisie children.

Which, of course, has never happened anyway. No-one on the left has ever done anything evil. But if we had (which we haven't), then it wouldn't have been evil. It would have been good.

Anyway, look, you've got to give them credit for good intentions. I mean, sure, with a million here, ten million there, it could look bad but, you know, their intentions were good. You've got to give them credit for that. Not that they ever did anything wrong. Ever. Stalin wasn't a Communist, you know. Nor was Pol Pot. Nor was Mao. The Labour Party opposed Stalin in the 1930s back when the Daily Mail and the Tories liked him. It's true. I didn't make it up. Why on earth would you think I made it up? I didn't. It's true.

Anyway, what about Hitler? He was a right-winger and he killed the Jews and that's much worse than killing the Enemies of the Revolution. Also Oswald Mosley was a Conservative and the Daily Mail liked him. Mosley was never in the Labour Party. Never.

talwin said...

Nurse, the screens.

Bill Sticker said...

Anonymous (17 January 2010 09:57)

Fabians openly state that they wish the 'end of family life' and you call that 'good'? Whoa! Please return your humanity to the manufacturer for immediate repair as it appears to have a dangerous flaw.

Blognor Regis said...

BS - your sarcasm detector is on the fritz.

Good work anon. I got it.

Bill Sticker said...

Blognor Regis;

I know, can't think what's got into me.

Budgie said...

Guido was right and so are you, Raedwald: socialism is evil and always fails. The problem is that it is an ideology (in fact, a religious substitute) that takes over and brings out the worst in people: the corroding envy; the hatred of truth ('bourgeois truth'); the lust for control over others.

Everywhere socialism has been tried, and in whatever form, it fails. Invariably socialists praise a new socialist regime, but when it shows is horrifying face, socialists in other lands whinge: "That's not my kind of socialism". No, it never is. I live in hope that some socialists are merely delusional rather than as evil as their ideology. But they still return to their ideology like a dog to its vomit.

Anonymous said...

Bertrand Russell's The Scientific Outlook describes a world pretty much as we see it now. All prescribed.

Many believe that Aldous Huxley's Brave New World was a mere novel; instead it was a depiction of the 'heights' that he believed social engineering and biological engineering could and should reach.

These men were part of the machinery that gave rise to the eugenic world the Fabians so like.

Cameron's talk to the Fabian Society was just one more piece of the jigsaw that put him firmly into the globalist camp's picture.

I'm glad more people are coming to see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Socialists are evil, but also stupid like this one