Monday, 11 January 2010

What price scientists?

Somewhere in a lab in Switzerland is a team of successful scientists. They're the ones making the rare Vitamin X127 and Neuskinamine that go into women's face cream with the promise of reversing the signs of ageing. Women's face cream is one of the scientific successes of the century; an emulsion of sheep's wool grease, over 60% water, with tiny traces of perfume and the magic ingredients, the stuff sells for more per ounce than Beluga Caviar. Does it work? It doesn't matter. What matters is that enough women hope it will work. I suspect the wholesale price of a litre of Lanolin emulsion is about a quid.

The scientists who don't work for the cosmetics industry all seem to work for the Climate Change industry these days. Or the Government. Actually, the two are pretty synonymous. So after having stockpiled 60,000 redundant body-bags to deal with the dead from the Swine Flu pandemic, dealing with the estimated 40,000 additional dead from the cold snap Global Warming Episode shouldn't be a problem, then.

Occasionally a few will break ranks, as with yesterday's piece in the Mail. Apparently the cold snap isn't a sign of global warming at all, but part of a regular 30-year cycle of hot and cold spells. Our last cold period was from the '40s to the '70s, they say, and we're just starting another one. They also say that between 50% and 95% of global warming evidence can be explained by this hot-cold cycle. It's probably coincidental that this winter we're just coming out of a Sun Spot minimum, as we were in 1947, another crisp Winter.

The same pseudo-science, having succeeded in hoodwinking millions that 'passive smoking' was a cause of death (C'mon - no one ever, not one person, ever, has died from 'passive smoking') is now turning to alcohol. Stalin tamed the entire body of Soviet psychiatrists to diagnose criticism of Socialism as a mental illness; the left have now similarly tamed scientists to condemn alcohol in any quantity as harmful.

So I suggest when next you hear a 'scientific' pronouncement on a news bulletin, you treat it with the same credence you accord the following advert for miracle face-cream.

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Jeff Wood said...

"...the left have now similarly tamed scientists to condemn alcohol in any quantity as harmful..."

A couple of lifetimes ago I was, briefly, a raving Lefty.

I recall that much of the point of a demo was to work up a serious thirst.

What on earth happened?