Saturday, 20 February 2010

Brown and Cameron both target 'that hopey, changey thing'

The Guardian reports this morning on Labour's plans to exploit voters' 'submerged optimism' to prevent a Tory win, whilst Cameron's 'Change is Good' message hits them on the right flank. The Libdems, meanwhile, hope to mop up the hopey, changey waverers under an election slogan that Matthew Parris transcribes as 'We're the only party that believes in fairies'.

Half the electorate, some 22.5 million voters, really won't give a stuff for any of this insipid pottage. They're so disenchanted with our sick parties that they may not even bother to vote, creating the real prospect of turn out falling below 50% for the first time. More than ever, the whole election garbage appears to be little more than a mechanism to lever the avaricious political class and their central party cabal into prime position to thrust their sticky hands into our money. There's precious little sincerity on offer from any of them, and who can blame the electorate for its cynicism.

If I vote for Cameron, it will because he's the least worst evil, not because I believe a word of the anodyne bilge orchestrated by CCHQ.


Budgie said...

In the film "Back to the Future" both the white and the black mayors have the same slogan "Progress is my middle name". Or as the Russians said when their communist leaders changed "New bums, old farts".

As you say, hopey-changey bilge.

Anonymous said...

You are voting for another John Major, that spineless man who could not deal with the advances of an Edwina Curry to violate his family. It is these appetites of feminism: the deliberate single parent, to feed the self-inflicted poor, the sexualistion of children that corrode the very fabric of society. Morality, rather than the taking of what is not theirs to apportion.
I'm surprised you advocate any one of the three major parties into your home.

Blue Eyes said...

R, spot on. I might decide to spoil my ballot because I dislike both leaders intensely. There is zero chance of a change of MP where I live and I doubt there will be any "protest" party that I can associate with. What a horrible situation.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Vote Cameron, get Barroso.

Anonymous said...

WY, we've already got Barroso. I suppose we should be thankful we didn't get Blair.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Blair would have been instead of von-Rumpy-Pumpy, but I take your point.

Vote Cameron, keep Barroso; vote Brown, keep Barroso; vote Clegg, get even more Barroso.

What's the point?