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Monday, 22 February 2010

Bullying furore will haunt Labour

Ninety percent of the stuff on the political blogosphere never makes it through to the public consciousness; Brown's disordered mental state is not the talking point of the pub garden smokers' table. However, the revelations of Brown's bullying will be different. It's an issue that everyone will have witnessed or experienced, will generate a tsunami of calls to national and regional radio phone-ins today and the efforts of headteachers and others will be undermined by the example given by Brown.

Harriet Harman almost told the truth yesterday on R4's 'World at One'. She said 'These allegations are incredibly .... hurtful' with only the hint of a pause before 'hurtful' as she sought a word to substitute for 'damaging'.

For damaging is the reality. Brown's appalling oafish behaviour will lodge itself in the public consciousness and Cameron should keep poking at it. PM's questions this week will offer a good opportunity - and while we're at it, Cameron's impact at the dispatch box would be immeasurably enhanced if Osborne's sulky sixth-form face were absent from his side. Boy George sits there with a face like a slapped arse looking as though he's dying to pick at a zit but chuckling appreciatively at his prefect's wit. His presence at PM's questions has nothing but a negative impact on the impression Cameron makes.


Letters From A Tory said...

I wonder if Cameron will try to draw Brown into a debate over this at PMQs....

Blue Eyes said...

Cameron has to be careful not to make it look as though he is only trying to get "personal" with Brown, though.