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Monday, 8 February 2010

Four years for Dizaei

As disgraced top Metropolitan cop Ali Dizaei starts the first night of a four year prison sentence tonight in a protected 'rule 47' cell away from other criminals but locked up with paedophiles and criminal deviants perhaps he will reflect that nemesis so often follows hubris. They will still mix gobs of snot and mucus with his food in the kitchens, and urinate in his tea, and Dizaei will no doubt be counting the days before he is transferred to a nice country open prison alongside the hedge fund traders and bent judges.

He has betrayed a special trust twice over; one, his oath to serve the Law, and second the role model he should have offered to junior officers from ethnic minorities.

One guilty man remains free today; Ian Blair. For it was Blair who promoted so many unsuitable officers above their abilities for the sake of the ideology of his political masters. If there were any real justice, Blair would be sharing Dizaei's snot-laced stew tonight.


Blue Eyes said...

Great photo. So many questions to answer for Dizaei and Blair. But in this particular case I particularly look forward to finding out why he was out for dinner with his wife, off duty, in full uniform? Why did he have his own self-promotional web site? Those two things alone would be enough for a mere PC to get fired over.

Instead, his bullying cries of "referring to white or black coffee is racist" and "promote me or be sued" seemed to be successful.

Spent Copper said...

Another excellent post Raedwald and Blue Eyes above is spot on with the comments above as well. Those of us far down the pecking order have for years marvelled at how this odious bully seemed to be completely untouchable, whilst, at the same time, quite obviously unsuitable for the job. I would like to think that there would follow a rigourous enquiry on just how Dzaei was appointed to the Police and then repeatedly promoted. Probably though, because he clearly has powerfull friends somewhere, I doubt it will happen.

As for the sentence, what a pathetic joke. TWO YEARS in prison. No doubt he will be out long before then with the Black Police Sections declaring him a martyr in the meantime. Nevertheless, a good day for the Police.

Nick Drew said...

The Dizaei case reminds me of another public servant who remained 'untouchable' for a long time, despite being a well-known wrong'un - Florence Samarasinha, who eventually tripped up when she ...

*wait for it*

... asked the Chairman of the Croydon Police Consultative Committee if he could arrange to have her husband topped

(I know you won't believe it but it's true)

she did indeed find someone to do the evil deed: the full details are even more lurid than appear in that article, which is saying something - maybe over a pint one evening ...

it is a dreadful thing when authorities are so uncertain of themselves in the face of political correctness (or whatever euphemism we must use) that they cannot act sooner in these cases

MTG said...

Blue Eyes slightly red eyed?

Anyway, finding a real witch in the act of boiling eye of newt and toe of frog, was an unusual conclusion to a witch hunt. For him to be caught thus must have seemed like precipitant manna to his critics. The deafening gloats cannot reduce an utterly fair and above board result.

There are many who have not enjoyed this result, now knowing a long standing confidence in the Commander as a potentially great police reformist, was totally misplaced.

Yet even the guileless will not overlook the certainty that many worse criminals are still in uniform because they were never hunted with the same zeal.

Bystander said...

How many judges are currently in prison in this country?

I think the answer is 'none'.